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Creepy,Yet Easy Homemade SlenderGirl Costume

This creepy,yet easy homemade SlenderGirl costume was inspired by the ever famous Slenderman scary story (creepypasta).

I have always wanted to go as something creepy or scary for Halloween rather then just the traditional “vampire” or “creepy rag doll”. I wanted something that would scare the living day lights out of everyone. After about a few hours of brainstorming I came up with this simple yet effective costume idea. SlenderGirl.

The hardest idea about creating the costume was how to get the blank face effect from the traditional Slenderman. I came up with quite a few ideas. Traditional white face paint? simple….but not effective and not scary enough. Another idea was full body “zentai” suits. But those can be pretty pricey and get sweaty and hard to maneuver in. A simple white mask? Those can look pretty stupid. Finally I found out a simple yet effect way. White pantyhose stretched over my head and shoulders. While it was pretty hard to see, my eyes quickly became adjusted and when I looked in the mirror it was DEFINITELY a close match to the No-Face look.

I found a black and white dress on sale in a Halloween shop and some white and black striped stockings that I thought would add to the creepy factor. I wanted to stick to white and black only because the traditional “Slenderman” wears a black suit and tie. I also got a black bob wig to fit over my pantyhose covered head.

Now for my favorite part……the reactions.

Absolutely NO ONE in my hometown recognized who I was and many children were terrified  (then again I did just stand on a street curb and stare blankly at random people). But one hilarious moment is when the sun got into my covered eyes and I ran into a telephone pole (yes you may laugh…although I;m thankful no one saw me).

This costume was a bit challenging yet easy and fun to make and wear. Things I WOULDN’T do while wearing the costume? Go to church, eye doctors…..

Things I WOULD do? Scare the ever living crap out of people….

Creepy,Yet Easy Homemade SlenderGirl Costume

Creepy,Yet Easy Homemade SlenderGirl Costume

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