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Creepy Zombie Soldier Costume

This was last year when I tried out some zombie Ideas. This one I made from old Army clothes I had and a Thanks Giving turkey bone. And makeup I made with Shoe Goo. It’s a Rubber stuff. And then I broke open an old Swiffer mop and removed the baby pump inside. I went to Michael’s and bought a little sweet hand pump. This with a rubber small tub made the Blood Shoot out of my neck.  And then used the makeup you buy at the store.

The reaction I got from people around the house was of great fear. Some people started to run away really fast.  I would mainly get them as they were coming around the corner. It was pretty funny to me and some of my friends. I knocked on a few doors, and they would open it and scream! Not knowing it was me.

Creepy Zombie Soldier Costume

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