Creepy Bride and Groom Zombie Couple Costume: The Newly Deads

Every year our friends host a Halloween Party and award a prize for the best costume, year after year my wife and I aim to … chew up our competition, tear them apart if you will.  This particular Halloween was no different, the reactions were terror and amazement, the steps to create our costumes were simple.

First, purchase a suit and wedding dress from your local thrift shop (the cheaper the better, the goal is to destroy them).  Second, tear and batter the clothing and douse in blood (preferrably fake blood, saves on legalities). Finally, the make-up, ingredients; white crafting glue, fake blood, corn syrup, brown paint (mix any cobination and apply  to key locations, such as around mouth, hands, and chest, (don\’t be afraid to splatter it in your hair or on your back, Zombie feedings can get a little wild) focus on making it appear as though you just fed.

Being that my wife and I were newly weds the costume idea came to us quite easily, to our friends and family we were terrifyingly realistic … deadly accurate!

– The Newly Deads