Last Halloween my un-creative friend could not come up with anything to be for Halloween. She did not like any costumes she found and is not the type to make her own. She finally decided she wanted to be a spider but could not find any spider costumes anywhere. So I told her we could easily make a spider costume. I think she was skeptical but went along with it anyway.

We first rounded up some clear fishing line and any unused wire hangers we could find and then headed to the store. We bought some black knee high stockings, stuffing/ filler from a craft store and a black corset type thing. We started out by making the legs (arms). First we filled each stocking with stuffing. Second, we cut the wire hangers up into even pieces a little shorter than arms length. Then we ran a piece of wire down each stocking through the stuffing and secured the end of the stocking closed with a safety pin. The fourth step was to connect the legs. We ran the fishing line through the end of the legs in pairs of 3 and secured it to a button on each leg. We also connected one end of the fishing line to a hair tie so that we could easily slip the legs on and off of our wrists. After they were connected, we attached the other side of the legs to the corset with the safety pins. After that the rest of the costume was easy. We each wore a black skirt, long sleeve black shirt and black knee high boots. Then we attached the corset to our mid section over our clothes and we were all set.

The spider costumes were a big hit! We had lots of fun taking pictures and giving friends hugs with our 8 arms!