Coolest Woody and Jessie Couple Costume WITH Bullseye

Buying a cow print vest and chaps was absolutely out of the question for this Woody and Jessie Couple Costume WITH Bullseye. Not only were they over priced, they also looked cheezy and fake. I went to my local fabric store and bought cow print velvety fabric, as well as black silk for the inside layer. I measured a pair of my jeans for the chaps and one of his shirts for the vest to get an accurate size.

After making an outline and cutting out the fabric, I pinned the fabrics right side in and went to it with my sewing machine. I sewed a flap at the top of my chaps so that the belt for my jeans could hold them up, as well as two ties on the back of each chap to hold them down. For my shirt, I just bought an old white shirt and cut sections of yellow felt for on my shirt; I used heat bond to hold it on. I cut strips of red ribbon and super glued them over top.

My boyfriend and I ended up winning first place at the Halloween party we went to!