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Coolest Waldo and Wenda Couple Costume

I make my costumes every year.  Last year my husband and I wanted to go as Waldo and Wenda.  This Waldo and Wenda couple costume was cheap and easy and fun to make.

For my husband we went to the thrift store and found a long sleeve red and white shirt under $7.00.  Found some old plastic glasses for cheap and we borrowed the cane from a friend.

For myself, I was 7 months pregnant so we were lucky enough to find a red and white shirt that fit.  I wore red and white tights, a long skirt, and some old binoculars I had at the house. Top it off with brown shoes.

I made both of the hats.  Bought two toques, sewed pom pom on each, and then took old fluffy red socks and cut them and sewed them around the hats.

This was a hit at the party we attended!  We must of heard “I found Waldo” all night!

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