Coolest Vampire Costume

My daughter had her heart set on being a vampire for Halloween. There are many types of vampires to choose from – she decided on a goth vampire.

The vampire costume was easy to make. We found a black goth style dress from the $15 dollar store. Added a pair of red leggings, some black boots with silver buckles and made the cape out of a shear cloth with shimmery red cobwebs on the outside and silver cobwebs on the inside.

For the make-up I didn’t want to use the heavy white grease paint. Instead we used a very pale foundation with a light powder. Black and charcoal gray shadow on the eyes and charcoal gray shadow under the cheek bones, forehead and chin. Add a little fake blood, red lipstick topped with black lipstick, a little red spray in the hair and we were done.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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