Coolest Upside Down Person Costume

My idea for an upside down person came from a Key West Poster from Mardi Gras. To create my head, we went to our local wig store and got one of the Styrofoam heads that the wigs sit on and painted it flesh color, adding eyes and some red lipstick. The wig store threw in a free blonde wig if I promised to show them the end results, completing the look.

For my “shirt” my grandmother fashioned pants out of some crazy fabric she had, and then attached the head to the “neck” of the “shirt” with sturdy needles. To make my feet look like hands, I wore nude colored socks.

For my “legs” my dad screwed a pair of my old sneakers onto thick cardboard rolls leftover from roofing material and then stapled the ends of my homemade shirt onto the shoes. We also put in handholds inside the rolls so that I could hold my “feet” in the air. Fortunately, the material we used to make my shirt was see-through enough that I could navigate my way around.

It was a hit and everyone loved the costume, though a tip if anyone tries to make this, make sure you can see through the material or make little holes for your eyes otherwise it could be tough to see in the dark!

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Upside Down Person Costume”

  1. Thats a really good costume and I intend to go as it, but what if you fall over, were are you arms supposed to go? Thanks. Great Job!!x!

  2. Shouldn’t the head go on the other way? Because if somebody is doing a handstand, their head would face the opposite way their hands fall on the ground…??

  3. Actually, I think if you do a handstand, your hands would be turned the other way, not your head.
    I suppose you could wear all the clothes backwards, but only if you want to walk around backward in the dark all night. If you’re going to wear a costume like this, you get a little license, and people will be so entertained they won’t notice.

    Looks great. I love the colorful garments.


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