Coolest Twin Boy Popeye and Bluto Costumes

My twin boys look so different that I decided they would make a great Popeye and Bluto. I copied the original cartoon outfits almost identically, it was really easy. Popeye had a costume sailor hat I purchased and stitched at the back to downsize, I used knee high panty hose for the arms with batting for “muscles” and black puffy paint to make the anchor. The pants are just 3 dollar sweat pants I bought up a size and cut off the hems to make them more sailor style. The shirt is also a sweatshirt I cut the arms off and cuffed with red material. The kerchief was the hardest, I had to make the red peek out from the black so it is double sided. I used puff paint to make the white lines and sewed yellow buttons on the shirt.

Bluto has a one piece collared Henley and I used puff paint to do the trim and changed the buttons. The yellow pants were a 3 dollar dress from a thrift store I cut up and sewed into wide leg pants. I ordered an authentic navy Greek fisherman cap for his costume, the navy belt is a regular belt I cut to the right length. I used the costume adult mustache and put it upside down to make him a beard (while he was sleeping of course) Haha, and Voila! Classic Popeye and Bluto!

Twin Boy Popeye and Bluto Costumes