I tried both the adult Popeye costume and large kids costume; one way too big, the other way too small. So I went on the journey to make my own homemade Popeye costume. I used a few suggestions from this website such as getting the pipe from a smoke shop. I went in asking for Popeye’s pipe and they handed me one :)

For the pants I went to a place where they sell medical uniforms and found a pair of nurse scrubs that had loops for a belt. I got the sailor hat from a Halloween store. I made my sailor shirt, by converting one of my V-neck shirts. I went to Jo-Ann’s arts and crafts to get some red material, yellow buttons, black ribbon and blue ribbon to make my sailor shirt. I also got the yellow belt from Jo-Ann’s. Finally I took the left over red material and glued it around a pea can to make Popeye’s spinach.

Oh and then my favorite was Popeye’s arms. I bought yarn the size I wanted Popeye’s arms to be and just stuck my hand through the middle of the bundle. I then pulled nylon over it and tucked it in on each end. It was super secure and easy to make. Of course then drew on the tattoo. Such a fun costume!