Homemade Infant Popeye the Sailor Man Costume

Popeye has always been my favorite, so it was an easy choice for Wy ‘s first halloween last year.  Here’s what I needed:

1 black onesie

1 pair of light blue pants

1 pair of dark brown socks
yellow felt
red felt
black thread
1 toddler sailor hat
white thread
sewing needle
Cut 2 pieces of red felt for collar.  Sew onto black onesie, the first side was easy, it was the second side where I realized I was going to let the ends touch, and not have the total collar effect, but I went with it.
Cut 3 yellow felt circles for buttons and sew onto black onesie. Here I put the first button over the “collar” to make it look like I meant to do that. Cut 1 yellow felt belt.  I had to measure where the blue pants would fit on his waist. Sew yellow belt on the side seems of black onesie.  Do not sew all the way across, you can put the belt over the top of pants, once outfit is on.
Then I measured the sailor hat to fit his little head, and sewed it to fit snug.
Options for photos:
1 corn husk pipe
1 can of spinach
you could also use black eyeliner to draw Popeye’s anchor tattoos on your child’s arms.
This Infant Popeye the Sailor Man Costume was my first costume, but not my last!

Popeye has always been my favorite, so it was an easy choice for Wy's first halloween last year.  Here's what I needed:1 black onesie1