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Coolest Thomas the Train and Mr. Conductor Costume

My son has been a huge Thomas the Train fan for over 2 years now. I knew last year that the only costume I would get him to agree to would be Thomas.

After spending hours searching for Halloween costumes online and in stores, I realized, like many others, that the only one available to buy was the boring apron costume! Even though I’m sure my son would have been thrilled with one of those, I wanted something a little more unique.

Imagine how excited I was when I found this awesome web-site with all of the wonderful ideas here!!

I basically followed a lot of the ideas from this site to create our Thomas the Train. I took a cardboard box and attached it to my son’s wagon. From there, I used all of our various Thomas trains and books to paint and decorate him. I used a black 5 gallon bucket to make his face and attached an oatmeal container that I painted black to the top to make his funnel. I added cotton balls to the oatmeal container to make his smoke. His face was painted on cardboard and attached to the bottom of the bucket with glue and silver duct tape.

Although it did take many hours to put together and paint, it was a fairly cheap project to make: using cardboard boxes, paint, tape, glue and a few household items was all it took. And it was well worth it to see my son’s face the first time he saw it.

AND…we have actually used it 2 years in a row for our Halloween costume and as a prop at his Thomas the Train birthday party. Last year we dressed him in the basic engineer overalls, striped hat and red bandana. This year, we decided to switch it up a little and dressed him as “Mr. Conductor” with a suit and dressy conductor hat. It was a huge hit both years with everyone……especially the little girls! Every time I turned around, Thomas would be filled with little girls to pull around.

Thanks again for your wonderful site and all of the reader’s wonderful Thomas ideas!!

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