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Cool Thomas the Tank Engine Costume

Who doesn’t love Thomas? My 3 year old loves everything Thomas and after seeing the other Thomas costumes on this website he made his costume decision.

Using a few boxes, I created this costume in about two days. I cut the boxes to get the look I needed and used a bunch of glue to keep everything in place. The smoke-stack is a paper towel tube (thank you to the college student who submitted his costume for this idea). I painted the whole thing with $.97 spray paint cans from Wal-Mart. I used paper plates leftover from another event for the wheels and painted them blue.

Aside from the time investment, this costume probably cost about $6.

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1 thought on “Cool Thomas the Tank Engine Costume”

  1. Thanks for your superb idea.
    I plan to do this cute Thomas with my 3 yr old boy this week.
    and I save your photo for my reference.


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