Coolest Taz Costumes

My husband loves Taz so I thought, why not?

I bought 2 union suits and dyed them dark brown, then painted a lighter brown for the chest and stomach area. I then made a little fluffball tail with medium brown yarn and attached that to the rear.

To make the horns I just cut out horns and ears from dark brown felt, sewed them together and stuffed them then attached them to a hard plastic hair headband. I used the same yarn I used for the tail to make a tuft of hair and attached that between the horns. For Mrs. Taz I added a bow.

For the hands I used brown jersey work gloves and painted red fingernails for Mrs. Taz and wore an oversized big plastic engagement ring.

For feet we used Taz slippers we both already had but I painted red lips on mine for Mrs. Taz.

We topped it all off by painting our faces dark brown with lighter brown around the mouth and nose. Painted a clown nose black and painted fake whiskers. Optional are fake teeth.

Mrs. Taz wore a brightly colored skirt and carried a Taz baby doll.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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