Coolest Squidward Costume

My son wanted to be Squidward for Halloween. There are no Squidward costumes to buy at all. So I had to make one. I am NOT a seamstress,however, I accomplished this task using my neighbors sewing machine.

I went and bought 2.5 yards of cotton material and used my sons jammies as a pattern to make the costume. He already had a brown shirt to wear over the blue Squidward “skin”/jammies (I sewed). He is not allowed to wear masks at school so, Squidwards head had to be a ‘hat’.

My husband helped with this. He traced Squidwards head on the material and then I sewed it and stuffed it with paper. I then attached elastic to it so my son could put it on is head. oh! I used felt for this eyes and eyebrows and glued them on with a glue gun and then the dots and mouth were drawn on with a marker. This took half a day to complete. 2 Weeks before Halloween!

Now I can go relax and watch a movie or something. My son is very pleased and told me “THANKS!” when the project was complete.

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  1. Wow, I’m really impressed, that looks great!
    As far as the head goes though, you traced it onto fabric, stuffed it with paper and then attached elastic? could you explain a little more in detail how you made his head?
    thanks so much!


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