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Coolest Spider Woman Costume

This spider woman costume was so difficult to do. I cut and interfaced each spider leg and placed them accordingly onto the suit. It has the same spider applique on the back of the costume.

I used purchased gloves and added the white triangle to them. The mask attaches to the suit and has mirrored or shaded eyes sewn in. I used black Lycra for the bodysuit which has some stretch to it for comfort.

The gloves are also sewn onto the arms but have a snap for easy removal. The spider legs go down the arms and cross, as well as on the legs. I had to make sure they all matched on each side and crossed in the right place.

It took my quite some time to finish this project and wasn’t an easy task. But I like the way it turned out. A really fun one to wear!

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  1. This lady makes the best costumes in the world! Her craftmanship is excellent! Everything is handmade. You won’t be dissatisfied that’s for sure. Her costumes are the best! I highly recommend them. You can tell she puts lots of time and energy into them. It’s definitely her passion in life, it shows in her work! Excellent job Brenda!


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