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Coolest Shrek and Fiona Costume

My boyfriend came up with the idea to be Shrek and Fiona for Halloween since our height difference was perfect (he is 6’5 and I am 5’2). Once I heard the idea I thought it was great and figured we should go with it.

The Homemade Shrek and Fiona Costume wasn’t too hard to put together, here’s what we did:

Got a long sleeve light colored shirt and brown sweats.
Wore some old dingy work boots
Bought burlap sack type material and made vest and belt
Made ears out of modeling clay and painted them the perfect color green then hot glued to a bald cap.
Stuffed a fluffy blanket under the shirt to make his belly a bit more “Shrek like”

Found a skirt/shirt that was the perfect color and material at the second hand store and sewed it together then purchased 2 different gold trims and sewed them onto the dress
Found a pair of old shoes at second hand store and painted those brown.
Found the perfect Fiona wig online

To paint ourselves green all I used was lots of green and yellow eye shadow. It worked great and stayed on really well. I’d recommend using an eye shadow primer and a makeup setting spray all over your face to really help last all night.

We had a great time and got tons of compliments all night long. It’s a fun easy costume for adults and kids to enjoy! Good luck!

Homemade Shrek and Fiona Costume

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  1. I absolutely love the way these costumes came out. My boyfriend and I are looking to do the same for Halloween. I’m having trouble finding the right bald cap for him. Your boyfriends looks perfect and seems to cover his ears too. Can you please let me know where you got it or what the brand is? I would really appreciate it!! Thank you!


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