Coolest Scary Fridge Costume

Hello out there, this is a scary fridge I put together this season. I used a lot of cardboard, hot glue-gun, window-tint, spray adhesive, paint and wood for my door handles.

I also used four lights in the Scary Fridge Costume, two in the freezer and two in the fridge. The two lights in the freezer lead to my left handle located inside the box and the lights in the fridge lead to my right handle. I operate the lights with two buttons, each attached to a handle. I bought the small light-sockets, lights, buttons and wire at radio shack.

I started by measuring my full height and the height of my shoulders plus my width. I took a piece of cardboard that was about 6 foot wide, then measured the width of the front part of the fridge, which is a little wider than me, in the middle of the cardboard. Where I marked the left and right side of the fridge in the middle of the cardboard I drew lines from top to bottom on the cardboard and ran a razor-blade over the lines. Then pushed the cardboard near the razor-blade cut to bend the piece back creating the sides. I repeated the same process for the back side of fridge.

Next I cut some more cardboard for the top and the freezer base and hot glued them into place. when gluing the top I glued just the front and sides, not the back. The card board pieces in the back over laid each other opening up like two doors, one on the left and one on right. Next I cut a horseshoe-shape out of the freezer base so my neck slides right into the Scary Fridge Costume from the back. Then I hot glued the freezer base inside the fridge a little below my shoulder height, so when I’m wearing it, it’ll rest on my shoulders.

Then it was time to cut the openings for the freezer and the fridge. Starting with the freezer I cut just above the freezer base on the front side of the costume, going from side to side. Then along the sides from the bottom to the top, then across the top, creating a freezer opening. Next I started just below the freezer base to create an opening for the fridge. Cutting from side to side, then down the sides leaving an inch or two from the bottom, then back across from side to side, creating the opening for the fridge.

Then made a box with the same measurements as the fridge opening that’s about 4 inches deep. Glued it into place from the inside of the costume, creating an image that looks like the inside of a real fridge.

I painted the inside of the freezer and fridge with white paint and the outside with black paint. I made the doors and hot glued them into place. Cut a rectangle hole out of the freezer door, allowing me to see where I’m walking while the freezer door is closed. Used the spray adhesive on the doors then adding the window-tint on each door so they match. With the tint on the freezer door it hides my head and I can see.

I glued magnets on the box and the doors to keep them shut. Then came the lights, props and the decorations. So, that’s just some of the ideas I used on this Scary Fridge Costume. See ya’ll next year.

Coolest Scary Fridge Costume 23

Coolest Scary Fridge Costume 23

Coolest Scary Fridge Costume 23

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