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Original Homemade Head in Freezer Costume

This was an easy to make Homemade Head in Freezer Costume. All the items you need is a few good size cardboard boxes, a roll or 2 of duck tape and some cotton wool for the ice look. A bottle of spray glue and bottle of white couleur cheveux temporaire.

Also temporary hair colour for frosting the freezer food boxes up inside freezer and fake blood. Some white paint for inside some black paint for the outside. Also one cheap white LED light for inside and a tinfoil plate for head to sit on. You will also need some superglue to
hold decorations inside freezer. Add some decorations out side fridge for a better look.
This was a fun and cheap costume to make.

Start by making a fridge freezer frame. Make sure to use duck tape inside and outside to make it stable. Add some cardboard with a hole in the center for center bit for the head pops through.
Then put some cardboard on top as a roof. Make and add a shelf for added decorations. Add the LED light to the base of rooftop.

Next paint the inside white then paint the outside black. When paint dries make and add a door, then put a tinfoil plate with a
center bit cut out for the head and stick some cotton wool all around the freezer making sure not to over it.

Now add decorations to inside and outside of fridge. Don’t forget to super glue all the decorations down. When all that’s done use the bottle of white couleur cheveux temporaire,
temporary hair color to spray on boxes for a frost look. Then add some fake blood and that’s all!

Have fun with making wild and scary costumes 2009!

 Head in Freezer Costume

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