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Coolest Head in Fridge Halloween Costume

The refrigerator is my nicest creation!! As you can see I am in the refrigerator but you can see only my head in a platter with blood like if someone had just killed me and put me on the fridge. There is a mouse hanging there , there are some eyes with blood in a box like if you just bought it on the supermarket. And many things in the bottom part, you can see a monster trying to go out of the fridge with a light inside so you can see some reflections coming from inside and its tied with a chain so he cant go out!

It´s all handmade with some materials that are very easy to find. I also recycled many things from my kitchen like the egg box, the juice boxes, cereals and everything you see in the picture. I also took things from garbage it was so fun to do it!

Just be creative! Here in the streets was crazy, everybody took my pictures and told me it was the best costume ever! And I think so! They also interviewed me for some TV channels ,it was amazing, it looks so real!

i hope you like this head in fridge Halloween costume as much as it liked here in my country!

Head in Fridge Costume

Head in Fridge Costume

Head in Fridge Costume

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