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Homemade Cardboard Robot Costume

My son wanted to be a robot for Halloween. So my husband and son began creating their masterpiece. They decided to make the Robot Costume from duct tape, cardboard boxes, dryer duct, insulated bubble wrap, and accented with reflectors and lights.

They started with the body by laying duct tape in strips and laying a top layer so that the sticky sides touched. Short sleeves were created so that the dryer duct could be attached to those. They added a small wooden panel in the front that was painted silver and drilled small holes to add a string of battery operated christmas lights for a working light panel. They also used wood caps painted black to add additional buttons to the panel. Reflectors were also used to add some more appeal and be useful for trick or treating being visible to vehicles.

The legs were created with the insulated bubble wrap taped to a pair of old sweat pants, leaving a split layer so that is was easier to bend the knee to walk. Reflectors and duct tape were added for interest as well.

The feet were boxes over his shoes. The hands were rubber gloves (they spray painted them but that did not stick). The head was a cardboard box with the covers to our under cabinet touch lights as the eye holes, bolts creating the mouth, and a lawn sprinkler added on top wrapped with colored duct tape.

They had a blast making the costume and everyone that sees it LOVES it!

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