Coolest Roadrunner Costume

A year of planning and two months to put this Roadrunner costume together. It needed to really look like the roadrunner as I am quite a perfectionist and comfy enough to wear for 12 hours. We dress for occassion at work and then it’s trick or trat in the neighborhood. It is never as easy as you plan it to be.

The easiest was ordering the cheapest unisuit in white (best for painting). I found the blue feather wig on ebay. Now it gets difficult. I visited every craft store to find fabric paint in the aqua and doesnt seem to exist. I decided to use acrylic paint and water it down for easier painting. This was perfect but it takes nearly a week to dry and the soft fabric was now rough and thick. I couldnt find feathers to match the cobalt blue wig which were needed for wings and additional feather portion of the head. I found several blues and fudged it. These feathers were on wire and easily intertwinable to each other. The arms are fur leg coverings with foam inside to create a fuller wing. I found a pair of yellow duck slippers and painted those orange. The eyes are cardboard and felt, a plastic eye mask and cheap sunglasses (bought for the dark lenses only) and a yellow duck beak. The beak painted orange and sewn onto the nose of the plastic mask, lenses hot glues to eyes eyes hot glued (carefully) to the plastic mask. Any remaining mask still shoing was painted orange. The tail was an aqua feather boa, folded, tied with a ribbon at top and pinned to the back. Some orange paint to finish..and It was finally complete.

Driving in the car to work was hilarious, opening the window and holding up the BEEP BEEP sign. Customers at work commented all day..although some though I was just a bird. This is the realization that not everyone knows the roadrunner as I had believed. I needed to have a bathroom buddy as the zipper was in back and difficult to reach..and I drink 64 oz. of water a day. Once I was home with my husband (no costume this year) trick or treaters asked what happened to the coyote. I told them I finally out ran that coyote.

The countless hours, my creativity and efforts made this years costume a huge success. I am already planning for next year..hmmm what will I be.




Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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