Coolest Quorra Costume

Since I saw the movie Tron, I have been amazed with the lights and the visual effects. I thought the main characters were fresh and inspiring. The story wasn’t bad too! I wanted to try and be Quorra, a brave and sexy woman!

This Quorra costume cost me only 9$ to accomplish and everyone was impressed and surprised of how much effort and creativity went into my costume! I love Halloween and I am sad it only happens once a year, I had to make it memorable.

So I only needed fluorescent tape from Canadian tire and black hair spray (but a wig would have been a little better). So I just cut the pieces out and glued them onto my black leggings and black shirt. I also wore black gloves and boots. I wanted to put lenses but I hate those!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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