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Coolest Pop Art Costume

I’ve always liked Pop Art a lot and a week before Halloween I made a Pop Art Print of a photo of me and my friends, also I was looking for a Halloween Costume. Right after that I realized that I had a great idea right in front of me and that’s when the work started.

First of all, I looked for a good Pop Art photo shop tutorial, and started making some drafts with old pictures of me. After several failed attempts I managed to pull out a good Pop Art Print so then I took a picture of myself with a white background. I photo shoped it based on the Che Guevara Pop Art Print.

I printed 8 letter size pictures, each one with a different combination of colors. Then I glued them to a cardboard and left a space in the center, and later cut the space off.

The most difficult thing was attaching the costume to my head, so my hands would be free for partying. I came out with the idea of gluing a visor hat to the cardboard, and then put the visor hat as a diadem. I also glued some wooden sticks so the cardboard wouldn’t bend to the back or front.

After this I bought a blue hairspray and some green makeup, put it on. I painted my glasses with some blue acrylic paint and masking tape. And finally I was ready for Halloween.

This costume was a little of uncomfortable ‘cause I couldn’t drink without some help, but it was a hit, the best costume of the party.

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