Cool Pippi Longstockings Costume

I used the copper wire idea and it worked great for the hair of this Pippi Longstockings costume. A few bobby pins kept it in place on the top of her head. It was one long piece of wire that was bent to fit the shape of her head and slide into the braids to make them stand up.

I cut off the ends of the wire so the last little bit of hair is natural. The socks are from Claires and hot topic. So was the scarf. She had black boots. I would have added patches to the dress, but I didn’t want to ruin the dress. I think she looked better in a pretty dress that was a little too small and the denim made it look casual enough.

The shirt was actually for a 3 year old, but it was the only red shirt we had and it looks good that it doesn’t fit just right. She loved this costume and almost every adult knew who she was. One younger child asked if she was Wendy! That was funny! If you drop the socks and give her a big square hamburger, I guess that would work too!

Anyway, we used brown pencil eyeliner to make freckles. Very easy costume. Very fun! She put her hands on her hips and marched around.

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6 thoughts on “Cool Pippi Longstockings Costume”

  1. I love this costume. It is book week for our school and we have to dress up. I chose to be Pippi longstockings and I think I have made a great choice. Your costume has helped me a lot for my costume. thanks

  2. I love your pippi costume! I wanted to be her for Halloween this year, so i looked online and this was the cutest costume by far.

  3. I used 2 pairs leggings.Polka dotted and striped.Rolled them over each other.Red shirt over corduroy dress.Lots of hairspray & wire for hair.Eye liner for freckles.

  4. everyone that has a costume that u have made or bought i really like. i am getting ideas from them for Halloween thank u very much!!!


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