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Our family has an annual Halloween Party, this year was inspired by a Sully costume purchased from a local Goodwill. We have a family of five. The obvious Monster Inc. costumes with Sully are Boo and Mikey. My husband was Mikey, my youngest was Boo. My son chose the CDA which left me with little choice. So I chose “ROZ”! It seamed overwhelming at first.

I purchased 4 yards of a green material on clearance for $6.00. I did some research on the internet on how to make a cloak. That turned out to be very simple, fold the material in half and cut a six inch hole in the center. Knowing that I needed the back to be longer I folded the material accordingly leaving approx 24 inches for a tail.

I sewed in the arms and from the inside seam of the arm I then sewed at an angle to the corner on each side. This gave an appearance of a flowing gown. I then rounded the material to form a tail by cutting off the corners. I used one of the pieces cut from the inside of the arm for a hood. As you can see I only sewed half of the hood and used the tails to wrap around my neck like a scarf. I cut a small section from the top of the hood to allow my hair to be pulled through and painted White (spray $1.88). This did require some hair sculpture and hairspray to keep standing.

I purchased a small sweater to wear over the costume ($2.50 Goodwill). I did need to purchase the Cat glasses at a local costume store $6.25. I added a Madri Gras necklace that I had laying around the house. I painted my face with green makeup $2.50, added a brown mole and red lip stick.

Final addition, I painted a clipboard with the Monster’s Inc logo (clipboard $2.00). I was the hostess of the party and very few recognized me, we had a wonderful time. Estimated cost $22.00

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Monsters Inc. Costume”

  1. My daughters are fascinated with the movie, and we have always wanted to do a family themed costume. This would be a very neat idea for my wife to try with the rest of the family.

    As you mentioned, Mikey, Sully, and Boo, those would go very well.

    I give it to you for originality!


  2. My office is doing a Monsters Inc theme. I am the supervisor and so I was designated to be Roz! Your costume is awesome and I am going to do it.


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