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Coolest Maternity Costume – Finished in 20 Minutes!

Who says you can’t dress up on Halloween if you’re pregnant? This easy costume is comfortable and fun…plus it does hurt to be told you look hot all night long. Here’s a simple pregnancy related costume you can finish in 20 minutes, in 6 easy steps.

Step 1 – Form fitting black top and pants.

Step 2 – Cut from plastic corrugated construction board in yellow (found at most craft stores) cut a diamond with rounded corners.

Step 3 – Using pencil trace head hole in middle of diamond, should be a comfortable fit – cut out with box cutter. This is the most difficult part, remember, start with a smaller hole and you can always cut a bigger hole as you go.

Step 4 – Using a pre cut black plastic letters (craft store) spell out  “DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD”

Step 5 – Using a plastic dry erase board tape (office supply store) or black marker, trace diamond outline.

Step 6 – Using a hot glue gun, attach black hood from old sweat shirt to back of head hole – just glue the sides, not too tight.

That’s it! Even if you go into labor ON Halloween, you won’t be embarrassed in the birthing suite!

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