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Cute and Easy Maternity Costume – Marsupial Mamas: Koala and Kangaroo

So, I love making Halloween costumes. I was 8 months pregnant this Halloween, so in the back of my mind I was trying to think of ideas to utilize my beautiful belly in my Halloween costume.

I think my little girls and I were talking about koalas for some reason one day and all of a sudden it clicked, “I will be a koala with a joey in my pouch!” I went thrift store shopping with my sister-in-law Courtney, who also happens to be 8 months pregnant, to find a stuffed koala baby for my pouch and other “makings” for my costume. There were no koalas but we came across a kangaroo and it clicked again. “Courtney! Can I please dress you up as a mama kangaroo with a joey in her pouch? We can be the ‘Marsupial Mamas’!” “Sure!” she replied. I was so excited.

We found clothing at the thrift stores that was the right koala or kangaroo color and texture, as well as the “kangaroo ears”. I went to a fabric store in the Portland, Oregon area that has THE best retail selection of faux fur around, and found the perfect koala fur. I cut, folded, and hand-sewed the fur into koala ear shapes, using koala photos online as reference, and the size of my noggin to get the proportion right. I hand-sewed them onto one of our little girls’ headbands.

I was excited to make myself a cute little koala tail, but after doing some research I discovered that KOALAS HAVE NO TAILS! I wanted to be accurate, so I skipped the non-existent tails. Courtney and I wore undershirts, then cut horizontal lines in our “overshirts” as pouches to stick our “babies” in. The stuffed animals would kind of flop forward so we had to tie ribbons above our waistlines, in between the two shirt layers, then sticking out of the pouch on either side, then tied around our “babies” necks into bows, to keep the stuffed animals upright. This actually ended up working out quite well and it was a cute touch.

I used pink ribbon because we are both expecting girls. I painted a little black koala nose on myself, also using koala photos as reference. The finishing touch was wearing eucalyptus essential oil as perfume, since the main part of a koalas diet is eucalyptus leaves.

People liked the costumes- they thought they were cute and clever. A few people thought I was a mouse but I didn’t take it too personally. We had a lot of fun!

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