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Coolest Mail Man and his Truck DIY Halloween Costume

This is Micah The Mail Man and his truck DIY Halloween costume. We made the truck out of cardboard, glue & paint and set this on a Radio Flyer wagon ! He LOVED all of the attention from our local trick’r treaters ! It was so fun putting all of this together, Its amazing what you can do with a little time and patience, you can save some money that’s for sure !

I hope these photos will inspire people to make their own Halloween Stuff ! Its much better to get good compliments on something that you actually had a hand in making, rather than “Store Bought Stuff”. Every road that we went down he had so many compliments !

We were going to print him some mail to give out to every house that we went to that folds up and looks like an envelope and unfolded and said thank you for the candy and stuff, but we kind of got a late start on it and we were pushed for time. But letters or not, this was a GREAT Halloween and I wish we could rewind this night and do it all over again, It was so fun !!!

Mail Man and his Truck DIY Halloween Costume

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Mail Man and his Truck DIY Halloween Costume”

  1. I completely love this costume! We did a similar concept with Thomas the Train last year….I tried to talk my son into doing a fireman or something else similar this year, but he really likes his characters and chose Chuck E. Cheese. I think your costume is really awesome, you did a great job on it!!

  2. This is great idea! My son is 2yrs old and my husband’s a Mail carrier. This year my son’s costume will be as a mini mail carrier and this idea is great!! I’ll try to make something similar. Thanks for share!


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