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Coolest Homemade UPS Delivery Man Costume

Ryan Schultz, our 3 year old son, was determined to be a UPS Man for Halloween this year. When looking at Halloween costume catalogs on various occasions, we asked Ryan what he wanted to be for Halloween. There were a lot of things that caught his eye, but he kept saying he wanted to be a UPS Man. We went to a Halloween Costume store with every costume imaginable, and he kept saying that he wanted to be a UPS Man; even after we tried to convince him that there were so many other costumes to choose from, he still insisted on a UPS Delivery Man Costume.

So, we purchased the UPS costume, and he was ecstatic. We do not know where the fascination with the UPS Man came from, as we do not know anyone personally that is a UPS Man. We assume that we must have had too many packages delivered by UPS!

We started thinking that it would be cute if he had a UPS truck to drive around in, so his Dad, Ted, with a little help from his Mom, Sarah, made him a UPS truck. He has an electric John Deere Tractor that he absolutely loves to drive around in the yard – he would drive it 24 hours a day if he could. He has become quite a good driver! So, we used his tractor as a base, and with the help of some cardboard, a lot of hot glue and some spray paint, he had a UPS truck in a few hours.

His father even decided to give him some lights that he could turn on and off. Ryan was explaining to his mother one night that his Dad was going to put lights on his UPS truck. He said, “Daddy is going to put lights on my UPS truck. He’s going to make them light up! I don’t know how Daddy is going to make them light up!” And his mother’s reply was that she was sure he would figure out a way to make them light up. Ryan’s father, Ted, has always loved tinkering with anything electronic, ever since he was a young boy. So, sure enough, Ted made him a switch, so he could turn his lights off and on.

Ryan had a blast on Halloween! One of the local dealerships had a Trunk-or-Treat on Halloween day. So, we loaded up his UPS truck and Ryan drove it around at the party. Everyone loved it, and many complete strangers stopped us and asked us if they could take pictures. It will definitely be a Halloween to remember!

 UPS Delivery Man Costume

 UPS Delivery Man Costume

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade UPS Delivery Man Costume”

  1. well ur son oviously has a mind of his own. i think it would be funny if he grew up 2 be a ups man! they make pretty good money @ it! love,love,love the truck,kudos 2 u dad & mom!

  2. Ryan is absolutely the coolest UPS man! I should know, I’ve been married to a cool UPS man for over 20 years! Love the Truck too! We don’t have children, but your cool guy has me thinking our Yorkie, named “Whiskey”, might make a cool UPS side kick.
    Hope you have a great Halloween and thanks for sharing!


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