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Coolest Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costume

Hey There!

My name is Crystal, mom of 2 super cool hip boys, Dustin and Jax

Dustin was a Sons of Anarchy Member and I just came across your site! Super cool! Love it… anyhow, I wanted to submit it to you to share.

So- we are huge fans of the show of course… our son is a huge fan of motorcycles, what 4 yr old isn’t, so we went with it.

I started with a Harley Shirt, some ripped old black jeans, and Converses. Went from there. Saw some awesome tattoos slip on “sleeves” so we accessorized with those, a skull bandanna  a choker with studs, some temp. tattoos, didn’t over do it though with those, searched everywhere for a chain wallet, turns out one was at Walmart, lol, should of thought! Grabbed a super cool foam detailed gun from Iparty, and then all we needed was some greasy hair (conditioner) and a leather vest.

I couldn’t find a cheap children’s leather vest anywhere. I went to box stores, small stores, hand me down stores… Nada. When I was 5 my parents took me to Missouri, I remembered getting a leather cowgirl vest there, So I called up the parents. Headed over and dug it out of the basement. Cut off the middle belly area where is tucked in a bit, and made it roughed up. Bought leather dye at Walmart, and I swear I did about 5 coats of black paint.

Printed out some Sons of Anarchy artwork and font for the back of the vest, added his initials and the “est. 2007” for his birth year, I loved it, lol. As a parent this was kind of risky, surprised child services didn’t get called the way people are these days. We were just having fun though! I loved the outcome!

Coolest Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costume

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