Coolest Jack Jack Incredibles Costume

My son’s name is Jack and we try to do a costume each year playing on his name (A Jack from the game Jacks and this year a Jack in the box). The first year we did Jack Jack from The Incredibles.

I got red footed pajamas and some fabric paint. I just painted on the Incredibles emblem. I bought some black fabric to make a mask and all I did was cut eye holes and attach a piece of elastic. I then put gel in what little hair he had so he could have the little bit sticking up.

It was a warm costume for the cool fall evenings (We lived in Nevada at the time). It was also comfortable enough to let him sleep in it if he fell asleep while trick or treating.

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  1. It was a X-mas sleeper with a candy cane and teddy bear on it. I bought red fabric paint and colored over it so the sleeper would look solid.

  2. I have been on the computer now for two nights looking for our Jack Jack Costume, with no luck. My family of four have been the Incredibles for two years now, our children love it. We have one more on the way so we are attempting to full the order of the costume before the season starts. With a new baby we may not have time later. I have not found one yet, and after reading your ideas, I do not have too. This is an amazing idea and great creativity mom.

  3. I do still have the costume but it is not for sale. I am keeping it for sentimental reasons. But seriously it was so easy to make. Even if you can find a red sleeper with something on it (like a little embroidered something) just get some red fabric paint and paint over it (that is what I did). This was by far the easiest costume I have made yet.

  4. I was surfing the net looking for a baby jack jack costume as our son’s name is also Jack, this will be his first Halloween, and the only ones I could find were on eBay for no less than 55 bucks, I’m not that talented to make it look as good as you have. I’m wondering if I paid you to do the same for me if you could?

    Thank you for your time!

  5. was this fleece? I was just wondering if the fabric paint stuck well for the Incredibles logo. This is a great costume I am not artistically talented but I want to try,it is very hard to find a red sleeper, seems weird to me!~

  6. I am so happy to have found your page and given me the idea for our own little Jackson (aka Jack Jack). And thanks to all about the difficulty finding a red sleeper so I can get on it pronto.

  7. How did you get your son to wear the mask? I am making my 1 1/2 year old the same costume, but am not sure how I will get his to wear a mask?

  8. to all who want to buy it…just download it and find those iron on pages at office depot. you can make your own with only an iron.

  9. the only place I found the red jumper was at baby Gap under the girls section. it doesn’t have anything girly on it just a little red teddy you can paint over~ it was 20.00.
    The iron on sounds good but can you iron over fleece without it melting?

  10. Our son’s name is Jack and I’m trying to do the same thing. For his first Halloween, he was a Jack-o-lantern. He’s only 2 now so the Jack in the box will have to wait. I want to do the Jack Jack costume this year but can’t find plain red PJs.

  11. I am making this costume for my 8 month old..Found an old fashion red john john sleeper from and they embroidered it with Jack Jack on the behind part where it buttons up..It came out adorable..and i’m practicing with getting him used to the mask so he’ll wear it for halloween…GREAT IDEA!!! Thank You!!!!

  12. I also will be dressing my son up as jack jack incredible. I found the red sleeper on it was only $20. Thanks for the idea and good luck to everyone else…Happy Halloween.

  13. Is that glitter on top of the fabric paint? It looks so shiny. Such a genius idea by the way. I found a red long sleeve shirt and red leggings (in the girl section) and it works perfectly if u can’t find an all red sleeper.

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