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Coolest iPod Earbuds Costumes

This year, my boyfriend and I went as iPod earbud headphones. We were connected by a cable and even played music out of a portable speaker mounted inside, so we were really authentic. We were a hit everywhere we went, because we were able to provide music to people standing in line at the bar and at house parties. The costumes were constructed from hoola hoops, fabric and LOTS of duct tape.

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12 thoughts on “Coolest iPod Earbuds Costumes”

  1. These look pretty fabulous. I want to try this for Halloween so bad. I’m just a little baffled by how you did the head piece? How is it secured at the back? It would be great if you would let me know, or else I’ll have to get really creative…and that doesn’t always end up the greatest. Just curious, where did you get this idea from? It’s so nifty! THANKS :)

  2. this is not my costume, great idea though! For all of you wondering how this is made, I’m assuming and going by how I would make it… The head pieces are made out of (2) hula hoops each (=4 total for both); I’m assuming the duct tape was used to connect the two hula hoops together- wrapping the duct tape around the top and half way down the sides- this will able it to sit on your shoulders on its own. It looks like they used spray painted cardboard for the middles (probably attached with white duct tape) and just cut a hole out for their heads.
    As for the rest of this costume; white shirts with the R and L painted on, white boxers and tights or white pants would work, and a white cord or rope attaching the two of you together!
    Hope this helps anyone trying to make this costume:) Very cute

  3. So I’m trying to make this costume for my school’s spirit week and I have the duct tape, hula hoops and everything but is there an alternative for the fabric?


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