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Coolest IKEA Costume

I dressed up as IKEA for Halloween 2008, and it was a real hit, people thought it was fun, and sexy without being slutty, which I am very happy about..

This IKEA Costume was sort of a last minute idea, and didn’t even take an hour to make! I started out with two IKEA bags, that I stitched together to make a simple dress, using the handles of the bags as straps on the dress. I had the time, so I also added folds to the skirt to make it fit better. Around the waist I wore a thick silk ribbon, that nicely hid the seams.

I wore a yellow T-shirt under it, and blue tights. In addition I had a yellow ribbon in my hair. I added a permanent marker to the costume, and people would write orders, and things they like about IKEA on my costume, I thought it was a fun idea;)

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