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Coolest Human Grinder Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t dream at night about being trapped by a giant (similar to the one Jack encountered) and ground up to make pastry? Well, maybe a lot of people don’t, but they will after experiencing this costume.

Made primarily out of chicken wire and paper mache, this gorrific experience is complete down to blood pumping through the freshly ground meat, made of liquid foam insulation. The stump of hand, which was lost in trying to extricate oneself from the mess below, completes the ensemble.

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9 thoughts on “Coolest Human Grinder Halloween Costume”

  1. Every year for many years My husband and i research costumes and decide which we like best and want to try to make,,,i must say throughout all the years i have never seen a costume as original and cool as this,,,I absolutely Love it,,although i am not even close to being this creative to make this and don’t think i can pull it off,,,but i sure wish i could! Keep up the excellent and unique work,,,You really have a mind of a genius


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