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Coolest House from Up Costume

Being known for my Halloween costumes at work, I’m always asked what I am going to be.

In summer of 2010, I watched ‘Up’ with my daughter and wanted to be something/someone from Up. Then it hit me, I’ll be the house from Up.

For months I was thinking on how I would create this costume, what materials to use. Come early October, my thoughts came together…

I started with a white corrugated box (18 x 18 x 16) along with other size corrugated boxes. I cut out a section of the main body box to create a porch from another box. I took another box and cut it in half and created the front and back extension of the Victorian House. I used the flaps from one end to create the roof of the house where I created an opening for my head.

For the color of the house and the other details (windows and doors), I sprayed adhesive scrapbook paper to the main body. I also added siding paneling and wood detail with a marker.

I then created a hat out of another box to be the chimney and where the balloons would appear to be floating. I used plastic holders and sticks (used for small Mylars balloons) to hold the small latex balloons. These balloons were then inserted into Styrofoam ball in the chimney.

The other details included a small hose reel attached by the front porch, arm holes on one side of the house for my arms to come out and to make it look like it was floating, I added fabric with a sky scene with clouds as to appear being in the air.

I wore this to work and entered the costume contest and got 2nd place. I was beat out by a Scooby Doo crew.

House from Up Costume

House from Up Costume

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