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Coolest Homemade Young Billy Mays Costume

My son, Kevin, age 8, wanted a Homemade Young Billy Mays Costume this year in honor of the late great Pitchman. He says that Billy Mays was a good advertiser with his great booming voice – and for our son, whom we are always having to tell to turn down his voice volume, this was one opportunity for him to say it loud and say it proud!

Kevin has blonde hair so we had to first dye it black/brown. We used a combination of Fanci-Full and black hairspray. We purchased a pirate beard online and extensively trimmed it to fit. The easy part is that all you need, apart from the great beard, is a dark blue button down shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, a pair of khaki pants and a can of OxiClean. We added an OxiClean logo to the shirt for good measure.

The best part was him handing out candy to the locals – give out one piece each and then say, “But wait! There’s more” and give out a 2nd round of candy!

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