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Coolest Homemade Billy Mays Costume

Since my son didn’t have a blue shirt. He used my husband’s, but he did have the khaki pants. White t-shirt underneath the blue one. Parted and styled his hair to the side. Painted a black beard with those Halloween make up kits. My husband had a silver heavy watch for him to wear.

For the logo, I didn’t have any Oxy Clean products at home, so I went to the store and bought the Oxy Clean laundry tablets that are in a plastic zip lock bag. I took out all the tablets and cut the logo out. I then put several clear tape behind it for it to stick to his shirt. I also, bought the bottle for him to carry around he took pictures. It’s all about props folks! He was in character all night – “Billy Mays here!” He won the funniest costume for his class!

Cost for this homemade Billy Mays costume: $6 for Oxy Clean products

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