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Coolest Billy Mays Costume

I decided to dress up as Billy Mays a year ago, Halloween 2008. I got the idea channel surfing into the wee hours of the night and stumbling across numerous infomercials starring the one and only Billy Mays.

The Billy Mays Costume is quite simple. The only thing that was required is that manly grizzly Adams beard he had. So I grew mine out for a month, bought some “just for men” beard dye, and to top it all off I used regular face paint to fill in the skin spots to create the illusion of a fully grown black beard only Billy Mays could pull off.

The best part was that no one knew who I was, until I told them my name and busted out the Oxy clean. Needless to say, it was a good year for Halloween. Billy Mays will always be remembered.

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