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Coolest Homemade Wine and Cheese Couple Costume

My college roommate and I loved throwing wine & cheese parties so for our favorite holiday we dressed up as a Wine and Cheese Couple Costume! I used the sides of a box and wrapped it in foam, then made holes to look like Swiss cheese. A little spray paint, some straps, and presto!

For the grapes we blew up a bunch of purple balloons and stapled them to her purple shirt. We opened a box wine (basically a bag of wine with a spout) and duck-taped the bag to her stomach so the spout poked out from the bottom of the grapes! It was a huge hit but sometimes difficult to get around in the box!

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  1. My husband and I are hosting our local wine club for Halloween and we loved your costumes! I’d like to know what kind of foam you used (Styrofoam? foam rubber?) and where did you get it? You said you wrapped the box, so that has us wondering.

    If you can clarify it for us, we’d really appreciate.



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