Fine Wines Couple Halloween Costumes

Fine Wines Couple Halloween Costumes

I recently moved from California to the beautiful Tuscany Italy and it was my first year celebrating halloween in another country. As an American, I obviously love dressing up for halloween and I also have so much fun making costumes that are surprising, creative, and homemade. Halloween is not really popular in Italy but a … Read more

Coolest Wine Costume

Regina's Working Box of Wine Costume

I was bored with having to spend a lot of money to come up with a creative costume. So after a few days of consideration, I got this amazing idea to be a box of wine for Halloween. Now, normally, everyone does the Franzia thing, so I decided to buy a box of Vella and … Read more

Coolest Box of Wine Costume

Box of Wine Costume

This is a fully functional box of wine costume. I took pictures of a box of wine on all sides and blew it up and printed it out on my home computer. I then took a large box and covered it with white paper and then pasted the blown up picture of the wine box … Read more

Coolest Wine Bottle and Cork Screw Couple Costume

Homemade Wine Bottle and Cork Screw Couple Costume

This homemade wine bottle and cork screw couple costume was my first attempt at a completely homemade costume! Both of the main pieces of the costume are made out of felt (three colors necessary: green (bottle), cream (label), and brown (corkscrew handle and bottle cork). Both of the head pieces are stuffed with newspaper and … Read more

Coolest Boxed Wine Costume

Homemade Boxed Wine Costume

In college, we would always have “Tour de Franzia” parties when Lance Armstrong would race, so the nights were filled with a lot of boxed Franzia wine. Being a sentimental person, I decided to incorporate this into a holiday. My Homemade Boxed Wine Costume was made out of a large cardboard box, covered in paper … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wine and Cheese Couple Costume

Homemade Wine and Cheese Couple Costume

My college roommate and I loved throwing wine & cheese parties so for our favorite holiday we dressed up as a Wine and Cheese Couple Costume! I used the sides of a box and wrapped it in foam, then made holes to look like Swiss cheese. A little spray paint, some straps, and presto! For … Read more

Coolest Homemade Working Boxed Wine Costume

Homemade Working Boxed Wine Costume

* Took box and covered it with white paper * I cut a hole in the box for my head and arms to fit through * I wore black shirt and pants to not distract from the costume itself * Went on the computer and found an image of the front and back of a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Human Wine Box Costume

Homemade Human Wine Box Costume

I was a Human Wine Box Costume fully equipped with a cup dispenser and working wine! If you’ve seen the box of Franzia, well that was me and it was a big hit at the party I went to last year!

Cool DIY Wine Box Costume

Really Good Halloween Costume Idea and Photos

My husband had this good Halloween costume idea of a box of wine. I ended up purchasing the box from a box store as I was unable to find a good size that would work. The box cost $10 and the box of wine cost $10. We scanned the box of wine, enlarged and printed … Read more