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Cool Homemade Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa Costumes

My daughter and I did couple costumes for the first 7 years of her life. Dalmatian and Cruella DeVille, Madeline and Miss Clavele, Snow White and the Witch… whatever she was into at the time. Then she wanted to do her own thing, so this Halloween was very special to me that she participated in our family costume.

Willy Wonka wore his own tan pants and white button up shirt. I rented the jacket and made the bow tie from some scrap material I had. The wig was from my daughter’s old dress up box. I couldn’t find a brown hat anywhere so I bought a white one and spray painted it.

My oldest daughter and I were Oompa Loompas. My Mom sewed the white pants and suspenders out of felt. I bought us both brown turtle neck shirts and brown socks and used white electrical tape to make the stripes. We both had to use curlers in our hair to give it the flip, think it would have looked better with shorter hair, then spray painted it green.

My middle daughter was a Wonka Chocolate Bar. My Mom sewed the brown base out of felt. Then I blew up the letters from a candy bar on a copier until I could get the right size. Traced them, cut them out of cardstock and glued to a piece of gold poster board. On the back was the Golden Ticket… made from gold poster board and black cardstock for the letters. I did a search on eBay for the Golden Ticket to duplicate.

And you can’t see my youngest daughter, in my belly at the time, but I had a real Wonka Bar wrapper attached to my belly.

Homemade Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa Costumes

Homemade Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa Costumes

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