Coolest Homemade Wedding Cake Halloween Costume Idea

My daughter decided on a homemade Wedding cake Halloween costume idea. She wanted it to be round and 4-5 layers high. We searched everywhere for round stackable boxes, but none were wide enough for her to fit into. Driving by a neighbors on trash day, I discovered some styrofoam squares of different sizes that their new outdoor lighting fixtures came in. I grabbed all they had.

We went to work cutting them with my electric kitchen knife, a bit messy, but the vacuum was nearby. We cut a circle for her face and two armholes in the sides. Then it was hot glue gun time! We left the 5th layer off in case it was too bulky or too heavy once we got it decorated.

The frosting was All-Purpose Joint Compound that we purchased from Home Depot. Using a drywall knife and spatula, we covered the squares. Then we bought a large cake decorator bag and tip from Michael’s and went to work decorating each layer. We topped it off with a Bride and Groom from Michael’s wedding aisle. It truly was the BEST costume making time and result ever!!! Joy & Hannah

p.s. Happy to sell it for someone else to use… but the shipping may be tough!

Homemade Wedding Cake Halloween Costume Idea

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