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Coolest Homemade Wedding Cake Couple Costume

The important components of this homemade wedding cake couple costume were lots of cardboard, bedsheets, glue and duct tape. The costume was thought of and made in less than a week. Although some commitment of staying together is required in this costume, it could easily be taken off by taking off the shoulder straps. The homemade wedding cake couple costume was really cheap and quite easy to make.

Me and a friend were trying to come up with an original costume to wear to a charity Halloween ball. As there were two of us, we came up with the idea of a wedding cake. A small sketch and discussion and we decided to try make it. At first, we thought it would be very complicated but once we started, we came up with ideas to make the costume possible, which included making the cake square instead of the original oval shaped drawing. I also did a lot of sewing which could have been avoided by just using glue :)

The cake of the costume was made from a cardboard box which was duct-taped together with two holes cut in it for us to stand in. we glued loops of material to the cardboard and tied ribbon to the loops to carry the costume on our shoulders. We then sewed white bedsheets together and cut 2 holes for us. Bows of ribbon were tied and sewed onto each corner of the sheet. We made flowers out of crepe paper: 4 squares were cut and placed at alternating angles and scrunched together. We sewed them to a length of ribbon and then tied the ribbon to the bows.

The legs were made from 2 pairs of tights with some old peach/pink coloured tops in them to look like skin. These were duct-taped to the cardboard to keep them in place. The shoes were made from an old pair of shoes which were cut in half. The grooms shoes were the front of each shoe which was sewed at the back. The brides shoes were made from the back of the shoes which had silver material sewed on. I made heels for the brides shoes out of cardboard which were painted black and glued on.

The trousers and bowtie were made out of an old black pillowcase. The bowtie was sewed onto a white t-shirt with buttons drawn on in semi-permanent marker. The silver material was tied around the grooms waist to create a cummerbund.

The brides dress was made out of some of the leftover bedsheets, with netting sewed on top. The netting was also sewed onto a hairband to create a veil. The tiara was cut out of cardboard, silver material was glued to it, and the tiara was then sewed to the hairband.

Finally, the brides bouquet was made of 8 of the crepe paper flowers glued into a toilet roll holder with white material glued onto it.

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