Coolest Homemade Toto Dog Costume

My children decided they wanted the family to do the Wizard of OZ theme this year for Halloween. We certainly did not want to leave the dog out of the Halloween festivities (or at least not the pictures).

For this homemade Toto Dog costume I used a beat up old wicker basket that we had been using to hold the dog’s toys around the house. I wanted it to look like Toto was in the basket. Since our dog is quite a bit bigger than Toto, I cut out the bottom so that our dog’s front and back legs fit through the basket. I cut down the back of the basket so that it rested on her back. This made it look more level when she was standing and helped to hold the back part up.

On the front I put a piece of elastic around her neck and sewed on a piece of velcro to hold it up in the front. We lined it with a piece of material that I bought at Walmart that matched the borrowed dress my daughter was wearing. Next I used the wicker that I cut out of the bottom of the basket to make a handle for the top of the basket. I ended up taping the wicker together for the handle since I was running out of time.

Since we love our dog, we did not make him wear his costume for very long, but it did make for some fun photos.

Homemade Toto Dog Costume

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