Coolest Homemade Sun Maid Raisin Girl Halloween Costume

Having seen a box of Sun-Maid Raisins on the shelf in the grocery story earlier this year, the thought to create a homemade Sun Maid Raisin Girl Halloween costume clicked in my head — what a perfect homemade (and wholesome) costume!

To make the costume, I bought or gathered the following:

A white t-shirt
Blue rick-rack trim
Blue ribbon
Blue & white flower print fabric
Red cotton fabric
Thin cardboard
A basket
Fake grapes
Long brown wig

(The total cost for all items purchased was approximately $30)

To make the bonnet, I simply did a web search for a simple pattern and then “winged it” with the red fabric, elastic (for the back of the bonnet), and thin cardboard (for the brim). If you’re comfortable with a sewing machine, it won’t take you very long. There are more detailed instructions available on certain websites if you need further instructions.

The apron was simply slightly gathered fabric sewn onto a wide ribbon, and for the shirt I quickly sewed the blue rick-rack trim around the sleeves and neckline. Then all I had to do was throw on the wig, costume, some red lipstick, and put grapes into a basket!

(It took me only two and half hours to make the costume).

The homemade Sun Maid Raisin Girl Halloween costume was a hit! It felt carefree and wholesome compared to many of the options out there, not to mention it was original, comfortable, and easy to make!

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