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Coolest Homemade Stimulus Package Costume

Each year I like to dress as something topically relevant from the past year. Last year was a Political Twister, this year it’s the Stimulus Package- the Stimulus Package that the American people really want.

My homemade Stimulus Package costume was complete with an address label to the American Citizens from The Obama Administration and a $787 billion postage stamp. The inside had our favorite stimulants: caffeine, sugar, sexual stimulants and pictures of stimulant drugs. The sides had a little quiz to stimulate the brain. Underneath it all, dressed as the real stimulus, I was wrapped in bubble wrap and topped off with a ribbon and bow.

Here is the quiz:

What is the total amount of the Stimulus Package?

Can you name two rules to qualify for the Cash For Clunkers program?

How many Republican Senators voted for the Stimulus Bill? Bonus awarded if you can name any of them.

Six state governors have said they may refuse Stimulus money. Can you name at least two?

How many jobs does the Obama administration estimate the Stimulus Package will create in total? How many jobs has it created to date? In which sector is it expected that the most jobs will be created?

How many jobs have been lost since the Stimulus Bill was passed?

What is the average daily consumption of caffeine among consumers in the United States?

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