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Clever Wordplay Costume: Octopussy

Originally, I set out to make a hot-air balloon costume. I even had a helium tank to keep the balloon above my head! But the beautiful balloon cover I made of satin was just too heavy for the helium to hold aloft, and I threw my hands up in frustration. Unable to come up with another helium-based costume I liked, I started brainstorming. Nothing would do! So I turned to television. I felt like watching something fast, something old, something classic. BOND, JAMES BOND. And there was the listing:  1983, Roger Moore, “OCTOPUSSY”.  I stared at the title for a good 10 seconds. Suddenly, an image popped into my head. A cat with 8 octopus legs? Has this been done before? So I googled it like any good internet geek does. Nothing!! The closest I could find was someone that had forced their poor kitty to wear a tiny little octopus costume. Well, I love to be original! So I set out to make the best Octopussy costume I could. I found a great semi-shiny grey fabric for the arms and a water-like patterned cotton for the undergarments. I considered making cat ears, but settled on a masquerade cat mask instead. A stop at the dollar store got me 50-60 small window suction cups of various sizes, and an old pillow or two lent their innards for the purpose. A few miniature test samples, and I was off to the races. And I was quite pleased with the results!

The costume base is a plain skirt, with a matching jacket sewn from old patterns I had. I replaced the arms of the jacket with extra-long octopus arms, cutting a slit at wrist height so my hands could be freed for things like eating, driving, and working. The other six arms were sewn as a sort of collar that sat on my shoulders and velcroed to the shoulders of the jacket. then I hand stitched on 48 little suckers – 6 on each arm in three different sizes.

The costume had great results – lots of laughs, lots of fun letting people figure out the pun. I even won a costume contest among friends! (beautiful halloweeny flower bouquet was the prize)

Setting the bar higher every year! Already thinking about next year’s!!!

Clever Wordplay Costume: Octopussy

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