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Coolest DIY Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

My husband made this costume after our six year old son decided he wanted to be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for Halloween this year.

He got an extra large adult T-shirt and extra large sweatpants, sewed them onto a T-shirt and sweatpants of our son’s size, and stuffed them full of batting. He added stitching to a few areas on the legs and around the wrists, to make that “bunched” sort of look.

For the head, he got a cardboard hatbox, painted it, cut out the face and drew on the eyebrows. He attached an old ballcap to the inside so that it would fit our son’s head more snugly and comfortably. For the hat, he used the lid of the hatbox, with some more batting covered with fabric, and then attached the tassle with a button he had covered in blue felt.

For the collar part, he just used blue and white felt, and red ribbon. The final touch was some plain white gloves. The costume was a huge hit with everyone who saw it. It was a bit tricky for him to navigate while walking around trick-or-treating, so we had to hold on to him, but he was thrilled with his costume!

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