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Coolest Homemade Slash Halloween Costume

This Homemade Slash Halloween Costume was created using a lot of things implemented from home as well as Goodwill.

From top to bottom: The hat was purchased at a Halloween store a couple days before Halloween and could have been a top hat from anything. The wig however was a wig you can locate at any Halloween store as it is the Howard Stern Wig. After using these two props I added sunglasses located at the dollar store.

I tore the sleeves off of a black T-shirt and used stick on tattoo’s to decorate the arms. In addition to these details I wore pleather pants (found at Goodwill) and jewelry from my mother (such as the medallion and bracelets) and painted my nails a charcoal color. I also made sure I had a cigarette in my mouth at all times.

The additional picture I have includes my friend who dressed as Axel and my pants are ripped due rock’n out to hard.

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